In the field of material modeling for polymer and polymer composite materials the major challenge is the development of new physical models or the adaptation of already existing models and to transfer them into mathematical expressions which are able to describe the particular material behavior at its best. The material behavior of the specific polymer or polymer composite material is investigated in experiments. To ensure an accurate characterization of the material, existing test methods are adapted or new test methods are developed, in some extent. The experimental results provide a basis for the calibration and verification of the material models. The aim is the development of material models which are applicable on real component parts to optimize the process of development. The research field deals for example with


Anisotropy and fiber orientation models

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Hyper elasticity

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Generation and adaptation of strain rate dependent material models

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Definition of viscoelastic and viscoplastic material models

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Multiaxial stress state

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Development of specialized test equipment for the determination of material parameters of defined models

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