Best Poster Award for PCCL at EU-PVSEC

The  team of Gernot Oreski won a Best Poster Award in the "PV Module Performance and Reliability" category at this year's 33rd European Photovoltaic Conference in Amsterdam.

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PCCL expands its expertise with Anton Paar

Anton Paar and PCCL announce an R & D co-operation in the field of polymertribology, and Anton Paar provides the PCCL with a high-end rheometer with a tribological measuring cell.

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PCCL at the largest ICCM-21 international conference in Xi'an

Leoben composite experts from the PCCL and Kunststofftechnik Leoben (Chair of Processing of Composites) were represented at the 21st International Conference on Composite Materials from 20 - 26 September 2017 in Xi'an, China, with 3 lectures. The conference itself was the largest international conference on this highly promising topic with a total of around 300 sessions.

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PCCL @ IMRC 2017

The 26th International Materials Research Congress (IMRC 2017) took place from 20th until 25th August, 2017 in Cancun, Mexico.

The Symposium "Advanced Photochemistry: From Fundamental Science to Material Technology" was organized by Sandra Schlögl (PPCL), Wolfgang Kern (PCCL/MUL) and Thomas Grießer (MUL). Co-Organizers of this Symposium were Marco Sangermano (Politecnico di Torino) and Xavier Allonas (Université de Haute Alsace).

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PCCL is a partner in the network project Retina

In the RETINA project, Austrian and Slovenian research institutes are networked in the field of materials science. Through a central network access, enterprises in the border area in particular should profit.

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LTAbg. Alexandra Pichler-Jessenko visits PCCL

On 11th July 2017 Mrs. Alexandra Pichler-Jessenko (member of the Styrian Landtag) paid a visit to the PCCL in order to get an idea of the innovative activities of the leading non-university research company in the field of plastic technology and polymer science.

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Frank Wiesbrock acts as guest editor of the latest issue ‘Microwave-assisted Polymer Synthesis’

The series ‘Advances in Polymer Science’ presents current trends in polymer and biopolymer science. The series addresses a target audience of scientists at universities and industry who aim to gain a comprehensive and expert overview of current research topics. ‘Advances in Polymer Science’ has a long tradition, in which this series has earned a good reputation in the scientific community.

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