PCCL @ IMRC 2017

The 26th International Materials Research Congress (IMRC 2017) took place from 20th until 25th August, 2017 in Cancun, Mexico.

The Symposium "Advanced Photochemistry: From Fundamental Science to Material Technology" was organized by Sandra Schlögl (PPCL), Wolfgang Kern (PCCL/MUL) and Thomas Grießer (MUL). Co-Organizers of this Symposium were Marco Sangermano (Politecnico di Torino) and Xavier Allonas (Université de Haute Alsace).

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LTAbg. Alexandra Pichler-Jessenko visits PCCL

On 11th July 2017 Mrs. Alexandra Pichler-Jessenko (member of the Styrian Landtag) paid a visit to the PCCL in order to get an idea of the innovative activities of the leading non-university research company in the field of plastic technology and polymer science.

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Frank Wiesbrock acts as guest editor of the latest issue ‘Microwave-assisted Polymer Synthesis’

The series ‘Advances in Polymer Science’ presents current trends in polymer and biopolymer science. The series addresses a target audience of scientists at universities and industry who aim to gain a comprehensive and expert overview of current research topics. ‘Advances in Polymer Science’ has a long tradition, in which this series has earned a good reputation in the scientific community.

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Research of the PCCL in the spotlight of the American Chemical Society: Presentation-on-Demand contributions by Klaus Luef and Frank Wiesbrock

Within the framework of the American Chemical Society's half-year meetings, selected lectures by the participants of the conference will be recorded as a video, aiming to make the scientific content accessible to the interested public even after the end of the conference. The contributions of Klaus Luef and Frank Wiesbrock were recorded as a presentation-on-demand during the Autumn Meeting in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) in 2016. After successful examination by the board of the American Chemical Society, they were included in their database (Database of American Chemical Society).

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European innovation award EARTO 2016 goes to PCCL and Semperit

Last night, Semperit and the Polymer Competence Center Leoben GmbH (PCCL) received the European innovation award EARTO 2016 in Brussels for the development of Sempermed® Syntegra UV, the first anti-allergenic surgical glove worldwide. With innovative production technology, unique product characteristics and an energy-efficient manufacturing process, both development partners prevailed against a total of 35 competitors. A unique feature of this product is that the surgical glove - which is made from polyisoprene, a material similar to natural latex - is cured using UV light instead of potentially allergenic chemical accelerators.

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